Your birth- day is approaching 

I keep a lookout for birds 

Carnivores of rubies 

A wilderness that swallows me

Leaving me-shaped like a teacup 

Having given birth three times 

Purified to carry fire

As though it was a flower

It was a flower; it was you

Tasseled in my arms

Like a grand offering

Necessary and intractable 

As dreaming . .

August 25, 1993

9 thoughts on “Child

  1. “I keep a lookout for birds

    Carnivores of rubies

    A wilderness that swallows me

    Leaving me-shaped like a teacup

    Having given birth three times ”

    These lines were the best and I love them very much. The hollowed sadness and the robber of sorts. Like a cuckoo analogy and I am really loving your recent prolific boost.I am happy that you have the energy and the creativity to go this far and the inspiration. Your use of language also inspires me greatly Mari just know that my my friend

    Aside technical details Mari this was a very emotional and explicit poem near the end. The sheer honesty in your poems make me love them. You have also made me feel comfortable enough to write about my own experiences. But this is visceral and also very close to the spirit and I am really happy you shared this with us. I am moved as though I am with you in the teacup knowing that chasm of pain but also it’s ravines of memory. Thank you for sharing this poem with us.

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