i am way up here

i am looking

way down there

from such height

it hardly looks like me

you once called me a rogue

if dead, why are you so undiscreet

i would have taken better notes

a little jealous

of your delightful liberty

can’t write a single thing

it puzzles me as the chronicler

that I am – when it comes

to your anniversary

i crumble as you take away

my tongue and then say speak

forming first a thought

a waterdrop that swells

with blood-whispering

mother here i am

come with me

36 thoughts on “depression 

  1. Don’t hurt yourself okay. You are too valuable. Your poems and you are too valuable. I want you to know you are valuable to me. This poem was very honest. Thank you for this.

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  2. Mari, mi amiga

    I cannot heal your pain. No words will ever so act, no other feeling replace. But, you are not alone, and your grief is shared….and, with sharing, made less, I hope…

    Te amore, chica


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  3. It seems, by your writings, as well as, your tags, that maybe you have recently lost a precious child. My prayers are with you as you grieve and slowly heal. I’m not sure you ever actually “heal” from that kind of pain, I believe you just simply learn to live through it, as if learning to walking around a hole everyday instead of falling into it. I pray you eventually find your way to peace and strength.

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  4. Thanks for finding my blog. I am glad it lead me to yours. Really powerful words. I am glad you have the strength and wisdom to share where you are at through poetry. It is beautiful thing to express your pain.

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  5. There is a purpose and plan for every life on this earth and a time we are to live out the purpose and plan. Death should not be allowed to steal that time because the life we have is not ours to end for any reason. We should enjoy each day as gifts and surprises unfold. Thanks for visiting my blog. Blessings.

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  6. Very intense and emotional ….very rendition in Silvia Plathesque style….Please try to publishe your works. Try BOOKRIX. You can publish your poetry free of cost with an ISBN. Anand Bose From Kerala

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  7. Bright eyes dig up a question from generations ago:
    You want to know why the wind blew us
    Together, how our sons will grow, when we will
    Meet again, where will we be as one again?
    Training gives you the desire to examine cause and
    Effect. Experiences about as wide apart as possible
    Come at us, yet we harmonize, learn each other’s secrets,
    Give what we know the other will love, provide
    Sanctuary in a world spinning out of control for so
    Many. This I offer to distinguish myself from regular
    Men, be they handsome or young: a complete heart
    With continued support, undying gratitude, massage
    Therapy, attempts at cooking, quite a way with words.
    I expect you to smile when we chat, remain a solid
    Force, a muse for my art, the reason I will always
    Yearn for more, forever the target of happy life,
    Memories (plans?) and a fresh heart, made whole
    By the time we spent sincerely swirled, sufficiently
    Molded to continually receive jolts of good news,
    Connected forever by this love, complex, alive, strong.

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