7 thoughts on “Process 

  1. I’m taking time tonight and relaxing..
    Something made me come to your site.
    I’m very calm.. But my tears are roaring mad… Very silent…. Very slow.. But very Mad!
    I needed this tonight…
    I so needed this…
    I don’t know your experiences… But I feel your pain… I think we may share the same pain..
    I’m going to hang out here at your place for a bit..
    Thank you for being you ❤️ ((((hugs)))))

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    1. I am humbled. I’ve lost and loved so much, writing is all I possess. If you hold your face, in your tears you will see your reflection. Your soul is real, it lives in all you do, recite it to yourself as much as you can. It helps me, keep going…xo

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      1. These words are just as powerful as your writings. I’ve taken a picture of these words… These will be my creed ❤️
        Thank you for sharing those words.
        I will treasure them.
        I’m so sorry you’ve had to lose your precious loves. I can tell your love grows for them each day. If love could bring them back then they would be right next to you. Your strength is so inspiring.
        I’m so sorry… I wish I had some wisdom for you but I am empty. If I had any words then they would belong to you. You have shared so much with me. I thank you..
        You have brought peace to me tonight.
        You’ve done more for me than any medications, therapy, vacations.. Etc have done for me in years. Thank you my amazing friend.

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