Tornado County

In my recurring rage 

Avoiding to cut myself

Becomes the high art of stiffness 

Declaring this air, my domicile 

I am dying in a stranglehold, dad

And in some interminable uprising 

My feet impeccable from the rain

Downpour in metaphors, blurring 

The possibility of a flood, without

Pausing, underneath his portrait

I find myself obliged to assume 

Without previous instructions 

That he no longer cares for me

His voice merges, a single rustle

Of silk, as though becoming 

Might just amend, unbroken 

As the sun, immune from drowning

~ i love him, still, why?!

16 thoughts on “Tornado County

  1. I have read all your page-not-founds. I couldn’t bear not to. I couldn’t bear to lose a single one of your words.

    You draw me – a paper cup
    brought again and again to the shingle
    in the insistent waves –
    until I know your spring tides
    and the moon whose love
    you can’t step from.

    [I don’t think I could live without your poetry]

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  2. Oh, fathers! Could we not have conflicted, twisted, knitted lines of love, of communication? A tangled skein indeed, until Clotho snips the thread and the tapestry unravels leaving naught but fleeting memories, sorrows, longings, and more.

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    No matter what is going on
    Never give up
    Develop the heart
    Too much energy …..
    Is spent developing the mind
    Instead of the heart
    Be compassionate
    Not just to your friends
    But to everyone *(including yourself)
    Be compassionate
    Work for peace
    In your heart and in the world
    Work for peace
    And I say again
    Never give up
    No matter what is going on around you *(and inside you)
    Never give up” *(on yourself)
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

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  4. Mari… I wish I knew for certain. What I do know is, whenever I ask the Universe “why?”, it always gives me the same answer…. the same it gives you, and us all. I also know, I cannot change your pain, but, I can share it, and, hopefully, lessen it to a degree…

    In some way, remember, it honors the memory of those we love(d) to let them go, in time.


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