Bits and pieces 

Thought for once
If I extended my hand far enough
You'd just catch me, instead I waited
For the darkest parts of the sun 
That only the dead can see
Pinkish parting my veins 
Granting opportunity to call you
A motherfucking piece of shit
Mortality, a salamander 
Asleep in left over beer cans 

9 thoughts on “Bits and pieces 

  1. if you were around doing Shakespeare’s time you would probably own his ass a few times or all the time because the ending here: “Mortality, a salamander Asleep in left over beer cans ” I mean it’s obvious you have the sonnet’s touch of doing the last line finesse and I can imagine you doing this a playwright’s pub and Shakespeare going “It’s obvious I have to cast you as Romeo, Juliet can be one of your fan boys.” and then going “we should totally write sonnets together Mari” 😉

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