lithium .

little parts of me
want to scream
when thinking of mother
moving back to TX

Terms of endearment
kind of moment
We could, we would
Win a fucking Oscar

Thankful to all the chemicals 

That is hitting every single
one of my transmitters

Precisely now!
photograph from earlier today

magnolias are resistant to rain, sun, heat
Mom did you take your lithium ?!
This is the 10th year you do this to me
you destroy me, immensely so
but i terrifyingly love you
sink me; fuck it, take my hand

15 thoughts on “lithium .

  1. Gracious! The part about show of tears and pouring out of emotion enough to win an Oscar certainly resonates with me. Sometimes emotion pours out so fast it’s like it’s scripted. We’ve done it so many times that tears come on cue and end before the second act.
    Very touching poem. Very much moved by it.

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